Rebuilding lives through ceremony, story-telling, and mentorship

About Us
From Storytelling to Health

Drawing from Native American and indigenous traditions, we cultivate a deeper understanding of listening and witnessing and its connection to health and well-being.

Council and Narrative Medicine

Through ceremony, story-telling, and mentorship, we provide a reliable process of healing and support for disconnected youth and veterans.

Indigenous Learning

With retreats and circle processes, we create spaces where people can experience indigenous knowledge and belonging, and where educators and mentors can incorporate these teachings into their work.


Rebuilding lives through ceremony, story-telling, and mentorship, Roots and Wings creates a sanctuary for veterans and youth where both have opportunity to honor the lives that have been lost by war and violence, and support the healing of trauma.

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Who We Are

Western Gate Roots and Wings Foundation is a group of Elders, mentors, and teachers using Native American and indigenous teachings to cultivate a deeper respect for the trauma and harm suffered by veterans and disconnected youth.

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Our Work

Veterans and disconnected youth suffer from high rates of suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder, recidivism, and substance abuse. Programs that emphasize the power of listening and its connection to health address the needs of both youth and veterans and provide for synergistic healing and transformation.

Our Mission

Cultivating a community of mentors, teachers and elders committed to ending suicide, substance abuse, recidivism and violence experienced by disconnected youth and veterans.

  • Like so many other combat veterans, I returned home with deep scars to my soul. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to sit in a circle of men, who came together with the specific intent of speaking honestly and courageously about their wounds, their pain, their guilt, their sorrow and grief. To be received and honored was a blessing.– Vietnam Veteran
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